I was in a bus,

when it passed a hill.

Beauty of nature,

had come to a still.

It was high and beautiful,

As beautiful as I had never seen,

nor I think I will.

At that moment,

a man jumped from the hill.

He laid down motionless and still.

And the hill was still

high and beautiful.


You saw a man’s death on beauty
Its very obvious he done his duty
Hill, you seen is still , high,& beautiful
But you can’t see the man was such a fool
Because you are in a bus when it pass a hill
As usual still , high , & beautiful……
........Ashwini kumar Tiwari

What duty do you think was man doing? And how do you guess he was a fool?

Just be what you are.

Its just an another way to saw a same thing in a diffrent angle and position. Death on a beauty is use as a phrage and the decission to attemting self morder is itself prove the foolishness of man in my view. Thanks.
I tried just to be what I am.